Reinvention is a big thing around here. A healthy dose of paranoia stops us from standing in one place too long.

We have reinvented where an agency should be with VCCP Stoke Academy.

Yes, Stoke. A thriving pool of design and creative talent to diversify our DNA. We have reinvented production at VCCP with Girl&Bear which brings together 250 makers in one creative space and puts production at the beginning of the process, not the end.

But our most important reinventions are to be seen in the work we make for our clients.

O2, our founding client, has been reinvented with a small blue robot called Bubl. And he’s about to change the fortunes of many this Christmas by giving away millions of Gbs of data to the disconnected households across the country. Also for O2, we reinvented The O2. When the world’s most famous music venue had to close, we rebuilt it in the world’s most popular game Fortnite and held virtual gigs. And when O2 and Virgin Media did their own bit of reinvention, together, we triumphed in a hard-fought pitch to be the agency to tell the country about their Volt proposition.

How do you reinvent pizza? You don’t. But you do reinvent how you order it….with ‘group ordering’. All you need to do to get your pizza added to the order is just yodel

Domin-oh-hoo –hoo! When Easter was cancelled in the real world we took the traditional ‘Easter egg hunt’ online with Cadbury’s Worldwide Hide.