Every passing year, the complexity and range of what clients need to consider and what they need from their agencies grows.

They need to be on TikTok, Fortnite and in the metaverse.

They need to appeal to Gen Z and the new generation of baby boomers…

They need to make people laugh and cry - ideally both.

They need fame and reach-again both please.

Oh and they need it all by the end of Q3!

But are we fazed, scared, panicked? Never.


It’s the particular way we build our brands. We build from the bottom up.

Strong foundations based on the original DNA.So when the challenges come in, or a new platform emerges, we know what to do.

Confidence enabled our brands to be audacious, to fear nothing and see only opportunity to populate culture every day.

We are VCCP. And we build brands that are Culture Ready.

It’s our challenger philosophy that has led us to have an exceptional year for new business and business development.To win the IPA Grand Prix for Cadbury. And to recognise our own responsibilities to champion our industry and do the right thing in culture and society with our investment in VCCP Stoke Academy.