VCCP DE&I Collective

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, or Different, Exciting and Interesting is our strategy to talent management at VCCP and our incredible, award-winning DE&I Collective spearhead our approach and keep us accountable to our goals. We can barely believe it’s been three years since the inception of our DE&I Collective and we couldn’t be prouder of their achievements to date. If there’s one thing for certain in the world of DE&I though, it’s that change - in terms of attitudes, societal norms and best practice - is more or less guaranteed. With this in mind, throughout 2023, the team have carefully considered where and how to evolve their work and influence to ensure it’s fit for purpose for now and (as far as possible), the future. They have created a newly formalised set of objectives for the collective, implemented new recruitment policies, played a pivotal role in our Stoke Academy, and driven our culture of inclusivity through training, events and much more. VCCP’s DE&I Collective has never been in such a strong position to make the kinds of positive changes it was originally set up to make.