Diversity and inclusion is our strategy for talent management at VCCP

Our D&I principles are baked into all of our talent management processes and initiatives - recruitment, retention, learning and development, agency culture, and our work. Our aim is to create an environment where everyone can thrive, and be proud of who we are as an agency and the work we produce.

We aren’t pursuing D&I because it’s fashionable, or because clients are demanding it. We’re pursuing it because it’s in our ethos - it’s our founding challenger spirit in action. At VCCP we challenge ourselves, our clients, and the bad habits of the industry - and one of the biggest problems our industry has been facing is a lack of diversity and inclusion.

VCCP have been celebrating D&I for many years and in 2020, Sonia Gilchrist set up the D&I Collective. Xi, Luke and Lynsey were core members of the team that looked to represent the agency and drive tangible change. When Sonia went on maternity leave in Feb 2021, they were the natural choice to take on a joint role, leading the Collective and driving the D&I agenda in all areas of talent management.