Verra Budimlija

Wavemaker UK

Verra Budimljja has been Chief Strategy Officer of Wavemaker since its inception in January 2018 and during that time she has revolutionised our approach to buying, planning and creating media.

Renowned for her creativity, proactivity and industry-leading thought-leadership, her relentless focus on reaching new, diverse audiences has fostered a culture of truly inclusive planning which is not just driving growth for Wavemaker’s clients, but also provoking positive change in society at large.

During the global pandemic, she has led agency’s strategy, planning, content and growth teams with tenacity and agility—continually helping our clients pivot their approaches to unlock, maximise and transform their growth. A true champion of the agency’s ‘positive provocation’ mission, she has been instrumental in cultivating better partner relationships, better decisions and better deployment of our clients’ media in pursuit of exceptional growth for their businesses.

As a result of her strategic leadership, this year Wavemaker has delivered exceptional growth for some of the world’s biggest brands, changed the behaviours of diverse audiences in pursuit of a greener, more inclusive world, forged radical partnerships that are transforming the media landscape and grown its own profit by 9% YOY.