W Communications

W prides itself on ripping into the toughest briefs with instinctive commercialism, strategic smarts and creativity rooted in culture. So when the world fell apart at the start of 2020, we thought ‘game on’ and set ourselves up to crack the biggest challenge we’ve ever faced.

To do that, we had to reinvent how the agency worked from the ground up, bring our team intact through a time of epic change and be a strategic hand on the tiller for clients facing a business typhoon.

Our collective desire to turn adversity into victory paid off. We won new business and made our clients famous. Doubled down on diversity and inclusion. Opened new international offices and kept hiring big talent. All without making a single pay-cut – in fact, we’ve given everyone in the agency a raise in the last 12 months.

Along the way, we wrote the industry playbook for how to succeed when everything goes sideways. In case of disaster, smash glass.