Wavemaker UK

This year, we took Wavemaker’s ‘Positive Provocation’ mission and embedded it into the very fabric of how we operate as a business.

We developed new industry-leading products, created market-leading solutions for clients staring down the barrel of cookie deprecation, and built a growth culture from the ground up—encouraging our people to challenge themselves and our clients to grow every single day.

We baked diversity, equity and inclusion into not just the way we hire and grow our talent, but the way we plan media for our clients. And we forged radical partnerships that are transforming the media landscape.

This year we’ve helped 1.1million people take action to improve their mental health, supported 347,000 people to give up smoking, and shown 1.6million people how to lose weight.

Thanks to our support, Danone overtook long term rival Muller to become the UK’s No 1 yoghurt manufacturer with a share of 15.8%. Our purpose-led work for Nationwide won the Thinkbox Grand Prix and has seen them retain their status as the UK’s most trusted financial services brand in the category.

And all because we’re reaching audiences our clients have never managed to reach before through our inclusive planning framework.

Because often the most important work isn’t the loudest work, but it makes a huge difference to our clients’—new and old—and it makes our agency, our industry and our planet a better place for our people.