Wavemaker UK

Marketing the marketers is no easy feat. Agencies are busy, bustling places. Innovating at a faster and more frenzied pace every day, they’re full of diverse, talented people hustling to build fame for their clients, build fame for themselves and build a better way to grow for our industry. Nowhere is that hunger more potent than at Wavemaker. In a year that has seen the agency go from bottom of the pile to top of the new business league, Wavemaker's 6 strong marketing team have completely transformed the agency's reputation, revived it's culture, streamlined its processes and brought new business and marketing back together to deliver exceptional growth for the agency and its clients. The impact? A 365% increase in PR coverage, 425% increase in speaking opportunities, 72% increase in award wins, over 80 marketing qualified leads for the agency and best of all, a coverted spot at the top of Campaign's new business league! And the best part? They did it all in just 12 short months.