Will Parrish

Will values one attribute above all others, which is handy, given it’s the name above the door for which he is Chief Strategy Officer. Initiative. For 11 years he has done just this for the agency at a global level, thinking outside the box to land global network wins for LEGO, Carlsberg & Converse and shaping the product around ‘taking the Initiative in culture’ – and now, since early 2021 he has rolled his sleeves up to take on the role of head cheerleader for ‘taking the Initiative’ in the UK. In 2022, he did this through an unwavering belief that is born from a view that media people can & should get their swagger back. They can and should be flying the flag for creativity, they can & should come from anywhere and bring a broad church of experiences and opinions with them. It’s what keeps the work winning award after award. Its what grows our clients brands at an unprecedented rate. Its what brings the most talented people in the industry knocking on our door. It what brings us new partnerships with NatWest and HelloFresh. It’s what’s bringing sexy back to media.

It’s what comes from taking the Initiative.