Wunderman Thompson UK

2022 brought integration to the fore like never before, embedding it at a growth driver for our clients across revenue consistency, effectiveness and share growth, all by marrying data, tech and creative in one vision and under one (very co-ordinated) roof. This year saw us launch hundreds of campaigns, 70% of which were integrated, 65% of clients broadened their remit to 3+ capabilities and we’ve seen 42 pitch wins across every capability, a 200% increase on last year. And we can’t stop shouting it from the rooftops, with 350 mentions in the press and 750 clients attending 7 proprietary events, giving way to 21 new business leads. All while training truly integrated talent who will define the future of our industry, with 3,000 hours dedicated to L&D.

So what next for Wunderman Thompson? While the wider world grapples with ongoing uncertainty, we’re calling it out as an opportunity. Welcome to the W-shaped downturn, where the next ‘big problem’ is just around the corner. It’s time for clients (and agencies) need to plan for continuous chaos. Luckily we’re built for it. The only agency prepped for W-shaped chaos with integration at our core. Let the challenge begin.