Wunderman Thompson UK

One year, seven people, four marketing pillars, and one unique marketing-led growth story. Considering the whole funnel from awareness, to engagement, to conversion, we one) focus on driving reputation; two) embed a growth mindset; three) inspire our clients & prospects through proprietary events; and four) create targeted & personalised communications. We’re proud to have built the agency’s brand and driven the bottom line in equal measure.

For the fifth year we landed Campaign’s Agency of the Year, and were named by The Independent as a Best of British Business. We’ve had 4.4m views from 360 headlines and released 15+ reports to keep our people and clients at the cutting edge. We’ve engaged 100+ clients with a program of proprietary events, from panels, to roundtables, to welcoming 75,000 people into our agency metaverse. But we didn't stop there, we've run immersion sessions, inspiration days and growth workshops to supercharge organic growth, and even made time to support new business, creating bespoke contact strategies and personalised pitch communications. All laddering up to converting 42 pitch wins, 65% of clients expanding their relationship to cover 3+ capabilities and 21 new business leads from proprietary events. One year. One team. One goal. Job done.