Zenith UK

This *should* have been a bad year for Zenith.

We spent half of it in lockdown, hyper-inflation caused havoc for clients and we faced SIX incumbent pitches.

But in 2021, we: - Retained five out of six incumbent pitches, at an 83% retention rate - Won the three biggest domestic pitches of the year so far, with Nestlé, RVU (Confused, Zoopla and Uswitch) and Lloyds Banking Group, topping the New Business rankings - Increased our revenue by 16% on 2019 (not 2020, that would be too easy) - Scored our highest ever client satisfaction scores - Launched a new product, ‘Right Reach’, to help clients combat long-term reach decline and mitigate hyper inflation - Hired over 50 new entry level talents from diverse backgrounds to help strengthen our agency from the bottom-up - Were one of only a handful of agencies to meet all the IPA’s diversity targets - Were the only media agency to receive 9/9 in the Campaign School Reports

Yes, 2021 was a roller-coaster that we probably don’t want to ride again. But we loved it. 

This was our year and this is our story.