Our role in a sustainable event future...

In partnership with Isla, we have been using the TRACE platform to reduce our carbon footprint by measuring and minimising carbon.

ISO 20121 Accreditation

Haymarket Media Group is proud to announce that we have gained ISO 20121 certification making it among the first media companies to become accredited in the UK. At the core of our certification process lies the development and implementation of a Sustainable Event Management System (SEMS). SEMS is a structured framework comprising assessments, commitments, procedures, and communications that embody Haymarket's commitment to achieving sustainability in event delivery. With SEMS in place, Haymarket now possesses an accredited method to self-audit, ensuring the realisation of our ambitious goals and promoting ongoing enhancements in efficiency and performance across our live events portfolio. Our steps toward ISO 20121 certification included encouraging reduced emissions from audience travel, choosing venues with renewable energy sources, offering vegetarian menus, reducing meat options, and minimising printed event materials.

Sustainability measured by