Returning to work in January 2023, we were newly crowned Media Week’s Agency of the Year. When you’re operating at the top of your game, where do you go from there?

Defying gravity is in our blood at OMD. We’ve been shortlisted for Agency of the Year every year of the last five with both Campaign and Media Week. And whilst the white-knuckle ride of a bounce back story may make for a more dramatic read, the boom to bust rollercoaster just isn’t us. Instead, what you’ll read here is the story of sustained, extraordinary growth. Growth of our clients’ businesses. Growth of our business. And for us, the secret to all of this is simple. It’s all about people. Specifically, to find the most talented and diverse group of people for every position; to form the best teams; to make sure they are supported and nurtured; and to then get out of their way.