RocketMill is one of the UK’s fastest growing, independent, full service agencies, achieving +30% year-on-year growth annually for the last five years. In 2023, we’ve grown 31%, consistently breaking revenue records every month since January. Our client retention rate has remained at 80%, and our average client tenure has increased to 38 months - on top of this, we’ve onboarded 23 new clients. Whilst growth has previously been contained mostly within the UK market, 2023 has seen RocketMill go global. An influx of business wins means campaign activation across the globe, working across continents and timezones to deliver full service performance marketing from our UK hubs. And it’s our people who have made this possible. We’re built on talent and enabled by an aligned motive. With profits shared between our team every quarter, everyone is financially rewarded for our collective success. This translates to loyalty, continuity, collaboration, innovation and, importantly, results. Read on to find out more.