160over90 Experiential

160over90 Experiential continues its fast growth trajectory, scores a near-perfect 10 for employee sentiment and always gives a shit.

It has been a 10th anniversary year to remember for 160over90 Experiential, with monumental milestones including our acquisition by 160/90, part of Endeavor. Careful to retain what makes us special, pioneering and an employer of choice, we’ve worked hard to make this transition seamless for our employees, whilst being able to offer clients access to Endeavor’s scale and services. Highlights include: Continuing Post-Covid growth: 58.6% turnover increase and 41% gross profit increase. Client wins: including Asda, Cointreau, eBay, FIBA, Selfridges, Chivas and UMG Strong staff retention rate of 90%: and average employee NPS scores are 9.8/10. Diversifying teams: our senior leadership team is 43% female; the percentage of employees from diverse ethnic backgrounds increased from 28.5% to 47% this year and 100% of entry-level employees are from under-represented backgrounds Organic marketing growth: 33.2% for IG and 51.8% for LinkedIn Compassion has continued to be core to who we are. If the team can maintain the mantra: “are you giving a shit?” (about the work, the clients, our colleagues and ourselves) then we know it’s working. This year has proved it really is.